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Our New Album "Small Town Heroes" Is OUT NOW!

It's finally here,  The 2 Johnnies often talked about, long promised and much sweated-over debut album “Small Town Heroes” is OUT NOW! It's packed like a junior B gearbag full of songs of love & lust, good times & bad times and the kind of people you and your neighbours are .


Here's a little insight into each of the songs:


The Gaa, The Ska, The Ra 

A young lad from the south falls in love with a girl from South Armagh. The highs, lows and wild story of young love. Camden Street, the rattling bog A tune to start any party.

Jays I'd Murder A Pint

A song to start your weekend, no matter what day of the week it is.

Deli Girl 

Dedicate this to the deli staff in your life.

Heroes one and all.

Country Boys 

Is it country music? Well it’s definitely music from the country.

Break ups and break downs. Based on a true story.


Here comes the come back. Turn it up loud !!!!

Mad For Mickey

And it’s not Mickey Mouse.

An Old School Goalie Jersey 

The bus to a big match when you’re young, is a buzz like no other.

Now it’s time to get the bus rocking.

King Of The Town

A small town love story.


Music from the podcast's famous news man… Noel Furlong.

The ultimate pre-drinking, house party tune.

The Woman From Ballaghadereen 

Why can’t more songs be set in Roscommon?

Absolutely no reason.

Channelling the spirit of the Pogues and the great Irish tradition of music and drinking songs.

The Clare Cailín 

Set in Irish college and based on a true story.

Sing your heart out!

St. Patrick Drove A Honda Civic 

It could be true, he did a lot of other things lads, why not this??

Auld Lad In The Pub

He stands too close, he drinks pints that other men would have to chew. Hard as nails and possibly insane, every town has em, and we love em.

I'm So Hungover I Could Die

The sound of Sunday morning.


The album is now available to order on Vinyl and CD from the stores below!


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