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Based on the hugely successful podcast and tour, Dear Johnnies sees Ireland's favourite comedy duo solve all your life’s problems. From finding the perfect date on your agricultural science course to surviving a move to Dublin, Johnny B and Johnny Smacks are here to help – whatever the problem.

Packed with sound advice and personal anecdotes, this is the perfect stocking filler for anyone who has ever wondered how to handle a hopeless housemate or whether they should get a spray tan before a big match.

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"come here n' i tell ya"

The 2 Johnnies' massive success has taken them as far afield as Sydney, Compton and Abu Dhabi. But for them nothing compares to living in Ireland.


And in C'Mere and I Tell Ya they dig into the tastes, habits and rites of passage that have made them who they are.


Whether it's ...

- dressing for the debs


"I'd say my cravat was the talk of Templemore for weeks"

- succeeding in a band


"I did backing vocals for six months and it turned out I was singing the wrong lyrics"

- doing a Strictly fundraiser for your GAA club


"Remember you're not Julia Roberts and the local butcher isn't Richard Gere, so keep it in the pants"

- recognising the no-go moves at a stag


"Nobody wants to see a sixteen-stone man in a pink thong. Nobody"


... Johnny B and Johnny Smacks capture it perfectly. And they have down-to-earth advice for every conceivable situation... and a few inconceivable ones.

C'Mere and I Tell Ya is a one-stop celebration of Irishness, chicken goujons and being sound.

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