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Pre-Order Our New Album Now!

It's finally here,  The 2 Johnnies often talked about, long promised and much sweated-over debut album “Small Town Heroes” is being released on 31st May 2024! It's packed like a junior B gearbag full of songs of love & lust, good times & bad times and the kind of people you and your neighbours are .


The Tracklisting is


The Gaa, The Ska, The Ra 

Jays I'd Murder A Pint

Deli Girl 

Country Boys 


Mad For Mickey

An Old School Goalie Jersey 

King Of The Town


The Woman From Ballaghadereen 

The Care Cailín 

St. Patrick Drove A Honda Civic 

Auld Lad In The Pub

I'm So Hungover I Could Die


The album is now available to pre-order on Vinyl and CD from the link below!


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