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Ep.316 Out Now And We're Discussing Curse Words!

On The 2 Johnnies Podcast Ep.316 we're discussing curse words and asking which ones are just too feckin' far...

Out now to watch and listen to on Spotify.


What’s up guys coming to you from Long Beach (not California) Long Island NY …big fan of the podcast … heard about it from my first cousin and I’m hooked (my mom is from kerry, moved to states in her early 20s)on the subject of funny cursing we have a famous story of one of my older brothers first words …quick background my mom is a church going saint like woman who attends mass regularly and wouldn’t use foul language, my dad was a fdny fireman from Brooklyn.. who would and does curse regularly, particularly while driving around and through nyc which is where this story takes place. My parents were traveling with my brother somewhere in Brooklyn and prior…


On Johnny Smacks wanting to know funny first time cursing stories we just had ours with my 4 year old child. He is in the middle of toilet training and only last week came running in going daddy daddy poo poo so we ran and up on the toilet he went and he told me to leave the toilet from outside the door I could hear the pushing take place and plunk that normally follows the pushing and next thing all I could hear was “Oh Fuck” well lads I hit the floor dying laughing went into the toilet to help clean up and when I seen what he had produced I couldn’t blame the child for cursing! We have…

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